Clinical Support Services Celebrates Spring with South Park Inn Residents

Connecticut Children’s Division of Clinical Support Services and the Division of Clinical Support Services Advisory Council joined forces to help spring bloom at the South Park Inn Homeless Shelter in Hartford. Earlier this year, the team held a fundraiser to bring that idea to life.

Group4Giving back to the children and families of the local community is a huge priority for the Division of Clinical Support Services, which includes 240 employees across the following ten departments: Clinical Nutrition, Pharmacy, Radiology, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Respiratory, Neurodiagnostics and Sleep, Cardiopulmonary Services and Audiology.

IMG_4115On March 3rd, staff from these departments decorated the walls and tables of the South Park Inn for a spring dinner that served approximately 100 meals, a portion of which was donated and prepared by the Food Services department.  One volunteer from each department was present at the Inn to serve and help prepare dinner meals for those unable to attend due to their work schedules.

IMG_4099The decorations and centerpieces spanned from paper, silk and crocheted flowers to a flower pot composed of colored pencils. The room was completely transformed in celebration of the new season and the residents were pleasantly surprised, expressing their appreciation for the special evening.

IMG_4111“This event allowed us to interact with local families in a caring way beyond our role as medical care providers” said Katherine Vance, Registered Dietitian for the Center for Digestive Diseases. “I was so proud of the multiple ways my coworkers in the Division of Clinical Support Services worked together to create an event to nourish and cheer people who needed a little bit of both. I think it brought us all closer together and more connected to our immediate community.”

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